Installation and Licensing

Installing BonesPro

Workstation Installation

To install BonesPro on a machine you can just use the installer to put all required files into their corresponding default directories.

There are separate installers covering different versions of 3ds Max. Use the installer that includes the 3ds Max version you want to use the plug-in with.

Network Render Installation

Network rendering requires that the plug-in is installed on all machines that are participating in the rendering if the BonesPro modifier is present on objects. I order to facilitate render farms there is an additional free modifier plug-in called BonesProProxy. It doesn’t allow you to modify the skinning setup but it allows the BonesPro setup stored in a scene to be evaluated and rendered. The Proxy can be added to render machines to provide any required number of render machines without additional license fees. Refer to the chapter BonesProProxy for more information.

Accessing the plug-in

After installation you can find BonesPro in the modifier stack tab of the command panel.

The modifier stack also includes the additional helper modifiers ‘ParaBone’ and ‘BoneJiggler’. The helper object ‘MetaBone’ can be found in the create tab of the command panel under ‘Geometry’ -> ‘3d-io Plugins’.

License Management

The demo version of BonesPro requires no license and can be installed and used freely on any number of machines.

The full version of BonesPro requires activation before it can be used. The ‘Properties’ user interface rollup contains a button you can use to activate your license and use the plug-in. You can also use this option to deactivate the license again if you want to deactivate it again to use it on another workstation.


For further details about the activation process refer to the license management application at

Silent Installation

The BonesPro installer supports the following command line switches for silent installation without a graphical user interface:


Initiates silent installation mode. If this flag is omitted the installer will run with a window.

By default the plugin is installed for all found installations of 3ds Max. Use the following switches to prevent installation for specific components:


Omit installation of the plugin for 3ds Max 2015.


Omit installation of the plugin for 3ds Max Design 2015.


Omit installation of the plugin for 3ds Max 2016.


Omit installation of the plugin for 3ds Max 2017.


Omit installation of the plugin for 3ds Max 2018.


Omit installation of the plugin for 3ds Max 2019.