Keyboard Shortcuts

The most commonly used actions during the workflow are conveniently available through keyboard shortcuts. All shortcuts can be edited through the default 3ds Max user interface customization options under the group name ‘BonesPro’.

Action Keyboard Shortcut
Switch to bone subobject mode 1
Switch to vertex subobject mode 2
Toggle interactive bone selection mode SPACE
Select child bone PGDOWN
Select all child bones CTRL + PGDOWN
Select parent bone PGUP
Select all parent bones CTRL + PGUP
Select vertex loop ALT + L
Select vertex ring ALT + R
Grow vertex selection NumPad +
Shrink vertex selection NumPad -
Exclude selection CTRL + X
Include selection SHIFT + X
Toggle vizualization mode ALT + V
Toggle Parabones and Metabones ALT + M
Show/Hide Parabones and Metabones ALT + O